Bruins want to keep Jarome Iginla

It appears that the Bruins would like to keep Jarome Iginla around. The winger scored 30 goals in the regular season, then added five more in the playoffs.

It won’t be easy to fit his contact into the Bruins’ current situation – they’ll already be hampered by paying overages on Iginla’s incentive-laden 2013-2014 contract next season – but it appears the team would like to try.

“I thought he started out a little slow when he came on,” team president Cam Neely said Tuesday. “He came on late and he came on strong. Obviously he’s a leader, he’s the captain of another team for a long time and he came in and added an element to our group, especially the forward group. He ended up scoring 30 goals, which is not easy in this league anymore and we would like to try and see if we can figure something out moving forward with him. We will see where that goes, but I thought he fit in really well with our team.”


With Iginla or without him, it appears that the Bruins will continue to be at the cap, as Jacobs confirmed on Tuesday. As he said, “It’s institutionalized, so to speak. It’s in there.

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“It’s part of the fabric now, with the growing communication income that should continue to go up, which speaks well, one, for the accomplishments of the commissioner, but also the benefits will accrue to the players. They get 50 cents out of every dollar that comes in, so we’ll be investing in those players. It’s just going to get bigger.”

Neely quipped, “I wish I was playing.”