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Celtics’ Jared Sullinger ‘laying low’ amid trade talk

Jared Sullinger says he’ll do his job and let the front office do its job.file photo/jared wickersham/Getty Images

WALTHAM — It’s the Summer of Love, with a slew of NBA teams, including the Celtics, chasing after Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forward Kevin Love, hoping to obtain him with an attractive trade package.

Celtics forward Jared Sullinger could be part of that package, though he’s trying not to think about it.

“You just stay out of the headlines, and then some of the headlines, you can’t even validate them, because some of them are fake,” Sullinger said Wednesday, after the Celtics worked out draft prospects at their training facility.

“You just do your thing. Summertime is about team, but at the same time, it’s about you, too, and players are really made in the summertime and not during the season.”


Love recently visited Boston for a weekend, creating a frenzy among fans hoping the Celtics deal for him.

“I didn’t even pay attention to it until somebody brought it to my attention,” Sullinger said. “It’s life. He was in Boston. Boston is a great city to visit. Get over it.”

And of the potential that the Celtics roster will change dramatically this summer, Sullinger referenced the team’s front office, saying, “That’s not my job — that’s where you’ve got to let Danny [Ainge] and Austin [Ainge] and [Mike] Zarren do their job.

“I’m just kind of laying low. My job is to be the best basketball player coming into next year that I can be. I’m out of that circle.”

Leading by example

After saying that he planned to spend more time than usual in Boston this offseason, Celtics captain Rajon Rondo has been a consistent presence at the practice facility.

“I think Rajon — and I’m saying this from my own opinion — but I think he’s anxious to get back out there and to get back out playing,” coach Brad Stevens said. “You can tell that from his work ethic. He has been with our small groups a lot in the last 8-10 days. That’s not always the case with a guy as seasoned and accomplished as him.


“He only played 30 games this year and I don’t think he ever felt like he was as good as he truly could be, at least game to game to game, stringing multiple games together. That was in large part due to coming back [from ACL surgery].

“Now he’s had a little bit more time to strengthen, to get in the weight room, to work on his skill stuff. I think he looks great, first of all. Physically, he looks fantastic, and he’s been working hard, and that sets a great tone for the younger guys that come in. That’s really helpful.”

Workout week

The Celtics will bring in more lottery-caliber players for workouts this week, including Arizona forward Aaron Gordon and Creighton forward Doug McDermott on Thursday. Michigan State guard Gary Harris, Michigan guard Nik Stauskas, and Kentucky forward Julius Randle are scheduled to work out Friday . . . Stevens said assistant coach Jay Larranaga will coach the Celtics’ Summer League team in Orlando. Larranaga also coached that team last summer.

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