Jackie Bradley Jr. hit lefthanded at Prince George (Va.) High, South Carolina, and with the Red Sox. But he has a little secret.

“I’ve been hitting lefty since I was about 8. But I’m a natural righty,” Bradley said Thursday. “I probably have more power righthanded. But when you’re younger, you don’t see a lot of lefthanded pitching. So I hit lefthanded.”

In recent weeks, Bradley has been experimenting with a righthanded swing behind the scenes in the batting cage before games. It’s nothing he’s ready to try in a game, but that day could come.

“I’m willing to show it,” Bradley said. “It can’t hurt me.”


Bradley has hit a little better against righthanders (.210 with a .607 OPS) than he has against lefthanders (.195 with a .585 OPS) in his brief career, so perhaps the idea could bear some fruit.

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