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Darrelle Revis vs. DeSean Jackson highlights Patriots-Redskins practice

RICHMOND – One of the highlights of the Patriots’ joint practices with the Redskins is seeing two of the best at their respective positions, Darrelle Revis and DeSean Jackson, going one-on-one.

That matchup was on display at their first practice on Monday morning, with Jackson, signed by Washington as a free agent this offseason, seeming frustrated at times because of Revis’ coverage.

Last year, when Jackson was with the Eagles and they practiced with the Patriots, Jackson had success against former Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib, who frequently had difficulty against smaller, shiftier receivers.

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He didn’t have the same success on Monday, though Revis downplayed his role in that.

“You know what, him throwing up his hand, I mean, that’s been going on for years in the league. A lot of people do it when they’re open, and that’s part of DeSean’s game,” Revis said. “He’s very crafty; he’s a great receiver in this league, and if he feels he’s open, he’s open. If the ball doesn’t get thrown, it doesn’t get thrown. I can’t control that.

“The only thing I can do is cover the best way I can, and try to do the best job I can. All of this is for great competition, and competing, and playing against someone else.”

While other players were happy for the chance to knock around with some new faces, Revis just sees it as a chance for New England to improve.

“You know, we’re still in camp mode. Until Week 1 comes around it’s still camp mode, we’ve just got to still improve and get better as a team. Yeah, we’re going against another team right now, which is the Redskins, but at the same time we still have to execute our jobs out there,” he said. “It’s competition. That’s all you’ve got to see it for is competition. It’s different guys out there instead of our own receivers that we’re going against as a secondary and we’ve got to continue to improve ourselves.”


Since signing with the Patriots, Revis has spent a lot of time lining up opposite Julian Edelman, and he’s gained a lot of respect for the former seventh-round pick.

“I call him the ‘Energizer bunny’ because he never quits. You can jam him one play and you try to get the toughness out of him, but he’s very tough. He has great mental toughness as well,” Revis said. “He’s very crafty. I have a lot of respect for him.

“He’s my teammate but also he’s a great receiver in this league and all we can do is get better. We’ve been going at it back and forth.”

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