Tim Wright getting up to speed with Patriots

Tim Wright caught 54 passes for 571 yards and five touchdowns as a rookie with the Buccaneers.
Tim Wright caught 54 passes for 571 yards and five touchdowns as a rookie with the Buccaneers.SCOTT CUNNINGHAM/GETTY IMAGES/File

FOXBOROUGH — Tim Wright’s first week as a Patriot was a whirlwind, and the tight end is still working to get up to speed and into his quarterback’s good graces.

Wright, a second-year player acquired in the Logan Mankins trade with Tampa Bay, played in the Patriots’ exhibition finale just hours after joining the team, and is now preparing to play against the Dolphins in Sunday’s regular-season opener in Miami.

“I feel like I’m picking it up fast,” Wright said of the offense. “That’s what they brought me here for, that’s my job, and I’m just learning, trying to do everything I can just to beat Miami.”


Against the Giants last week, Wright played with rookie quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

But unless something unexpected happens, he’ll be playing with Tom Brady from this point

To that end, Wright is doing what he can to develop chemistry with Brady.

“It’s coming along good,” Wright said. “He’s a great quarterback and we’re just trying to work as much as we can on the side just to try to get that connection down, and just try to get that relationship built.

“He’s a great guy, on and off the field. I’m going to gravitate toward him and I think he’s liking me.”

Wright was right in that thinking.

“It’s been fun to get to know him,” Brady said on Wednesday. “It’s been a very short period of time. A lot of our focus has been trying to get ready for Miami, and whatever role he can find for himself will be a benefit for us. He’s done a great job trying to learn everything since he’s got here.

“We’re trying to get to know each other and spend extra time communicating, gain his understanding of the things that he expects versus my expectations. It’s really a learning process.”


Gaining Brady’s trust — or really that of any quarterback — takes time. But being detail-oriented and showing him that he can rely on you go a long way.

“Just try to be consistent, do the things outside the building as far as being in my [play] book and try to watch the plays and just learning everything you can so when you step on the field, be consistent and showcase to the quarterback that you can have his trust,” Wright said when asked how he’s working to win Brady over.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said on Tuesday that Wright impressed him last week.

“We just got him, and he was able to come in here and learn enough to be able to go out there and play for us in a preseason game for 40-some snaps,” McDaniels said.

“He’s working hard, certainly a bright kid and has some talent that hopefully we can utilize, and he just seems to fit in good and has a good attitude and work ethic.

“I’m just excited about seeing what we can do going forward. It’s very early.

“Hopefully we can build on his start and try to add a little here and there to what he knows of our offensive system and get our guys comfortable working together.”

The 6-foot-4-inch, 220-pound Wright had 54 catches for 571 yards and five touchdowns as a rookie with the Buccaneers, the No. 2 receiver on a team that switched quarterbacks midstream, going from Josh Freeman to Mike Glennon.


Wright is excited to play in his first regular-season game with the Patriots.

“I’m very excited, but at the same time the coaches are doing a good job getting me ready and I’m going to feel confident on game day and do whatever I can and do whatever the coaches ask of me,” he said.

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