FOXBOROUGH – Bill Belichick spoke for 18 minutes in his Wednesday morning press conference, but the entire session boiled down to four words: “We’re on to Cincinnati.”

The Patriots coach and de facto general manager did not take kindly to a line of questioning about the talent level on the roster, as evidenced by these answers, with questions coming from three reporters:

Q: Is it difficult to react to the adversity of Monday night, and get back on track for Sunday?

A: We’re on to Cincinnati.

Q: You mentioned Tom’s age at the draft…

A: (interrupting) We’re on to Cincinnati.

Q: Do you think having a 37-year old…


A: (interrupting) We’re on to Cincinnati. It’s not about the past, it’s nothing about the future, it’s right now we’re preparing for Cincinnati.

Q: Do you feel the talent you have is good enough…

A: We’re trying to get ready to play Cincinnati.

Q: Have you done enough to help Tom Brady…

A: (interrupting) We’re getting ready for Cincinnati. That’s what we’re doing.

Q: So as you get ready for Cincinnati, does Tom Brady have the talent and protection around him to play Cincinnati?

A: We’re making the game plan, do the best we can, be ready to go Sunday night.

Other than that, Belichick believes the undefeated Bengals are an impressive team.

“They have a lot of good players, they’re well-coached, they’re tough, they’re physical, they’re explosive. It’s been a while since we’ve seen a team as complete as they are,” Belichick said.