I’m a skier: Jennifer Glanville, Boston Beer Co. brewer

Photo courtesy Boston Beer Co.
Jennifer Glanville takes a couple trips to Colorado each year to ski.

Jennifer Glanville is a brewer and director of brewery programs at Boston Beer Co., makers of the popular Samuel Adams line of beer.

Skiing is very much a part of her very fabric – her parents met in an airport while both were on their way to go skiing in Colorado (she’ll tell you the full story below).

She shared a closer look at her interest in the sport, as well as her advice for the perfect beer for apres-ski.

What are you riding on these days?



Favorite New England ski area?

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There are so many great ski areas in New England, there are too many to pick a favorite!

How did you get into skiing?

My parents actually met at O’Hare airport, as they were both on their way to ski in Aspen. There was a long layover due to a snow storm, and my Dad was having beers with his buddies when he met my mom. For him it was love at first site, for her it took a few New England ski dates to be convinced. The winter after I was born, they had me on the slopes - my Dad carried me down, and as I could walk I was on these tiny little skis that were probably just about 24 inches.

Best trip ever?

Each trip is special and unique and of course always ends with a cold Sam Adams in hand. I absolutely love the Green Mountains and try to visit Colorado a few times a year.

Circles, squares or diamonds?

Sometimes it’s great to cruise fast down a packed powder run but I am big fan of steep runs and bumps. It might not always be pretty, but it is sure a ton of fun!

Photo courtesy Jennifer Glanville

Favorite people to ski/ride with?


My family – especially my nieces and nephew…they have no fear and follow me down anything. I also love skiing with fellow craft beer lovers. There is nothing better than toasting with friends and a great beer after a long day on the slopes.

Do skiing & professional life ever intersect?

As a brewer, a big part of my job is constantly tasting beer, so thanks to après ski beers my professional life and skiing intersect all of the time! I have done sampling events and beer dinners at different lodges and mountains and have been fortunate enough to get out to Vail for Big Beers, Belgians, & Barleywines every winter – which is always such a great weekend.

What’s the best Sam Adams brew for après-ski?

That is a very tough question – last year alone, we brewed over 60 beers! If I had to choose, it would have to be my favorite - Samuel Adams Boston Lager. This beer is the perfect balance of hops and malt and the beer I seek out after a day on the mountain. Our Samuel Adams Winter Lager is also a great beer for après-ski. This dark, wheat bock is spiced with fresh ground cinnamon, ginger and orange peel, and has a lingering warmth, which is perfect after a cold day on the slopes.

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