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Tom Brady’s meticulous health regimen revealed in SI article

Tom Brady has led the Patriots to a 10-3 record this season.AP

Every bit of Tom Brady's day is pre-planned. His days are mapped out for not just months, but for years. Sports Illustrated published an in-depth story Thursday on how Brady's meticulous lifestyle has helped the 37-year-old quarterback maintain his momentum for 15 seasons. Alex Guerrero, Brady's body coach and business partner, told SI that everything Brady does, from his workouts, to vacation days, to his sleep schedule, is "calculated".

Among the highlights of the article:

Diet: Brady has a seasonal diet, meaning he eats certain foods in the winter - like red meat - and mostly raw food in the summer, the SI article says. He eats a diet that is 80 percent alkaline, 20 percent acidic, which he says balances his metabolic system. According to U.S. News & World Report, the "Acid Alkaline Diet" promotes eating "alkaline-forming" foods, such as vegetables, sprouted grains, almonds, tofu, and lentils, and avoiding acidic foods, like vinegar.

Sleep: Brady has difficulty unwinding after a day of football, so he does cognitive exercises before bedtime to "destimulate" his brain. He falls asleep by 9 p.m. and is able to wake up without an alarm.


Workouts: According to the article, Brady rarely lifts weights, and instead uses resistance bands; He exercises on land, on sand, and in water.

Brain resiliency program: Several years ago, Brady had a program tailor made to "work out" his brain. The exercises enable him to more quickly process information, increase his peripheral vision, and help improve his memory. Brady said he fortunately hasn't had many concussions, and that he's "training for if that happens. I'm building resiliency and staying sharp," he said. "I feel like that's really where my edge is."

Vacation: On a typical vacation day, Brady works out, goes to the beach, naps according to a schedule, surfs, and then works out for a second time. Brady goes to sleep early and tends to avoid drinking alcohol.


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