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Bob Ryan

A note to Baseball Hall of Fame voters, and a word on J.J. Watt

Emptying Out the Desk Drawer of the Sports Mind:

■ Attention Hall of Fame voter: If you’re going to vote for the ’roids-connected guys, you can’t vote for McGwire and not Sosa. Sammy had a better career.

■ Some guys make playing basketball look easy. I don’t know what the word is to describe how ridiculously simple Kevin Durant makes it look.

■ No one’s having a better start to 2015 than Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany. Ohio State is in the championship game. Michigan State and Auburn won their bowl games. And here comes Jim Harbaugh. Wisconsin is a definite Final Four threat, too. Have I mentioned that Minnesota is a hockey favorite?


■ Can we stop with the nonsense? J.J. Watt is the best football player in the world. Give the man his MVP!

■ The NHL Winter Classic brings out the romantic in all of us.

■ Forget about scoring on Kentucky any closer than 8 feet from the basket.

■ There’s about a 1 percent chance of Tiger ever winning another major.

■ But that’s a better shot than there is of an American male winning a tennis major in the next five years.

■ All the obvious money and stadium issues aside, the fact is that Boston would be a fabulous place for an Olympics. We have what it takes to keep the tourists satisfied.

■ The NFL will have a better game the day it says you only need one foot inbounds to make a catch. It’s football, not acrobatics.

By the way, if a team is down by 30 or more points in the fourth quarter, why does it ever punt? Yet I saw that on New Year’s Day.

■ Rajon Rondo will succeed Antoine Walker as the most-debated Celtic player of consequence ever.


■ Would it shock anyone if Dave Blatt doesn’t make it through a season with the Cavaliers?

■ How could anyone outside of Montreal begrudge the city of Toronto a Stanley Cup? The Maple Leafs have not won since the days of the Original Six. 1967, in case you’re wondering.

■ May I be the first to nominate Gonzaga coach Mark Few for the Hall of Fame? If it were so easy to make the Zags a consistent national power, why didn’t someone else do it?

■ Tom Coughlin should make it easy on the Maras and announce right now that 2015 will be his final season.

■ Whatever gave anyone the idea that Carmelo Anthony could be the best player on an NBA championship team?

■ SEC West behemoths Alabama, Auburn, Mississippi, and Mississippi State all lost their bowl games. Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12, and ACC fans are welcome to fill in their own punch lines.

■ Listen to all the various network broadcasters in all sports and then tell me if any of them are better than Sean McDonough.

■ In the matter of baseball executive judgment vs. money, I’ve always opted for judgment. With Andrew Friedman, the Dodgers now have both.

■ But the guy for whom the clock is now seriously ticking is Theo in Chicago.

■ The Dick Bresciani Press Box has a nice Fenway ring to it.

■ Deja Vu Dept.: The New Jersey Devils have co-coaches for the rest of the season. The Cubs crashed and burned with the College of Coaches in 1961 and ’62. But knowing Lou Lamoriello, it will probably work.


■ It’s time for Harvard to win a Beanpot.

■ I want to hear from anyone who actually likes the Rob Lowe DirecTV commercials. Ditto for the Allstate “Mayhem” pitch.

■ I think Jack Edwards and Tommy Heinsohn would make an interesting pair. Doesn’t matter what sport.

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 Correction: A previous version of this column an incomplete account of Carmelo Anthony’s basketball career. Anthony was the best player on a championship team in college at Syracuse. He has not won a championship in the NBA.