SNL pokes fun at Deflategate

New England Patriots football head coach Bill Belichick pauses as he speaks at Gillette Stadium Saturday, Jan. 24, 2015, in Foxborough, Mass., where he defended the way his team preps its game balls. (AP Photo/Steven Senne)
Steven Senne/AP
Bill Belichick.

Saturday Night Live is joining a large swath of jokesters poking fun at the Deflategate controversy this week.

The comedy show opened Saturday with a five-minute sketch about the scandal, in which the NFL found the Patriots were using underinflated footballs during last Sunday’s AFC Championship game.

The writers refused to leave neither Patriots coach Bill Belichick nor quarterback Tom Brady unscathed. The skit opened with a casually-dressed cast member as Belichick, quipping, “As you can tell, I’m taking this very seriously, which is why I got dressed up.”


The sketch also took jabs at Belichick seemingly throwing Brady under the bus at a press conference this past Thursday, and dropped jokes about Brady’s good looks and high paycheck.

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“I’m just going to say, I never really trusted the guy. Someone that good-looking and rich, I mean, you’ve seen American Psycho,” the cast member deadpanned to laughter from the audience.

Even Aaron Hernandez was mentioned by Brady’s character: “Remember how my former teammate Aaron Hernandez allegedly murdered three people? I mean that seems like a HUGE story, right?”

The skit also ended with a reference to “A Few Good Men,” with a Brady-adoring lackey revealing he had, indeed, let the air out of the footballs.

The sketch came the same day that Belichick held an impromptu press conference, where he flatly denied any wrongdoing and explained the team’s gameday football preparations.

Watch the SNL clip here: