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Only one Deflategate football was two pounds underinflated, report says

Only one of the 11 underinflated footballs the Patriots used in the AFC Championship was 2 pounds below the minimum, according to a report Sunday from’s Ian Rapoport.

The others were just “a few ticks” below, the report says. Earlier reports did not specify the range of pressure in footballs discovered to be underinflated.

Several other details emerged Sunday regarding the Deflategate investigation.

■   Coach Bill Belichick and quarterback Tom Brady were “incredulous” when told there was an issue with the footballs used in the first half vs. the Colts.

■  The “person of interest” seen on video taking the footballs after they were inspected appeared to be elderly, and that he had two bags of 12 footballs, one for each team. The video evidence was discovered by the Patriots and turned over to the league.


■  In an appearance on NBC, Ravens coach John Harbaugh said his team did not tip off the Colts about the Patriots’ use of underinflated footballs.

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