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Tom Brady jumps off a cliff, gives Patriots fans a scare

Never doing that again! #AirBrady

Posted by Tom Brady on Saturday, March 28, 2015

Maybe the Patriots need to write a No Cliff Diving clause into quarterback Tom Brady’s contract.

Brady certainly seems to be enjoying his vacation. He’s already shared pictures of the Brady bunch riding horseback on a beach. And there was the video circulating earlier in the week of Brady getting buried up to his neck in sand by his kids.

His latest exploits were a little more daring.

A video was posted on his Facebook page of TB12 jumping off a cliff. It begins with the Super Bowl MVP perched on the ledge, and a voice asking: “Are you going to jump Tom?” Brady then takes the plunge as the video plays in slow motion and the Superman theme plays in the background. Seriously.


It ends with Brady safely landing in the water below.