Tom Brady, Revolution lead sports world’s charge on April Fools’ Day

The Revoultion got in on the April Fools’s Day action, making up a story about the team being docked the points from Saturday’s win for using a yellow soccer ball.
The Revoultion got in on the April Fools’s Day action, making up a story about the team being docked the points from Saturday’s win for using a yellow soccer ball.(The Boston Globe)

It’s that time of year again, when everybody quits their day job to become a comedian on April 1. The only thing left to do is sit back and just accept the corny jokes that will be tossed around wildy like a Geno Smith pass.

Not all are bad, however. Here’s a look at some of the ways sports figures got into the April Fools’ spirit Wednesday.

Tom Brady’s Facebook post

The Patriots quarterback took to his Facebook Wednesday morning to maximize the laughs from his well-publicized weekend, posting a picture of himself lying on a hospital bed in a full body cast.

Jordan's crossover is no joke!

Posted by Tom Brady on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The caption is a reference to the pickup game of basketball he played with Michael Jordan in the Bahamas. The cast features a Jordan autograph.


But Patriots fans can relax. Brady is OK.

Julian Edelman’s new team?

Brady’s teammate, wide receiver Julian Edelman, tweeted a picture of himself in a Red Sox uniform with Fenway Park in the background.

Revolution try the fake news set piece

On a snowy Saturday in Foxborough, the Revs picked up their first win of the season, beating San Jose 2-1. Because of the weather, a yellow ball was used to make it visibly easier to see on the field. So Jeff Lemieux, a writer and online host for the team’s website, and the Revoultion took that as an opportunity to make up a story about the team being docked the points from the win for not following specific MLS procedures.

“As you know the Revs picked up their first win of the season ... or so we thought,” Lemieux said in a video on the team’s website. “As we have now been informed the Revs did not follow the proper league-mandated protocol to use a yellow ball and paint the field lines yellow, which of course they did because of the snowy conditions in Foxborough.”


It gets better.

“Now, because the Revs did not follow that protocol, but still used the yellow ball and painted the lines, they have been forced to vacate Saturday’s win and have subsequently docked three points in the standings,” Lemieux said.

Even team president Brian Bilello chimed in.

“Pretty surprised actually,” Bilello said. “To hear the word from the league that they are docking us all three points from the match. I guess we didn’t follow proper protocols.

“It was snowing that day,” he added. “It’s something going back in time we would do it differently, but I guess it’s just the way it has to be. I don’t know why they have to dock us all three points, you know let us keep a point, maybe like one and half points would be more fair.”

The video concludes with Bilello subtly winking at the camera.

“I don’t want to lay blame to our fans, but from their perspective, they wouldn’t believe our video on April Fools’ day.”

Baseball Reference embellishes player profiles

The Baseball Reference website, known for its in-depth statistics and player information, has added a new feature. You can search any player and change the look of his profile photo three options – “beard me,” “fro me,” and “stache me.” Ever wonder what Red Sox opening day starter Clay Buchholz looks like in a fro? Now you can finally find out!

A skiing ban in Vermont?

The Ski Vermont association tried the fake news routine as well, creating a report that stated the state’s legislature banned ski blades.


“Vermont’s legislature voted on Tuesday to approve a bill banning the use of ski blades at all public ski areas in the state. H.54 passed with bipartisan support in both chambers of the General Assembly and was signed into law this morning. The ban will go into effect for the 2015-2016 ski season,” the fake news report stated. “The bill mandates that a person’s skis be at least one-half his or her height. In other words, a six-foot-tall person will not be permitted on lifts wearing skis less than three feet long.”

Colts unveil new uniform design

Forget the new Nike jerseys, the Indianapolis Colts have perfected their 2015 uniforms, by changing it up drasically.

“New look embraces a modern color scheme, highlighting the team as whole rather than individual players,” reported.

The jerseys are white. Plain white. No more blue stripes, just plain white.

“The new base uniform color is white. In that same color are accents that in the past have been rendered in Colts blue: both the stripes on the jersey and pants, numbers, etc. Though the colors are the same, the shadows of the stitched elements add a subtle depth to the uniform. This strategy allows the individual to fade into the background and the unit as a whole to be seen,” the website said.

Too bad it’s only a joke. Those jerseys sales would go through the roof.

Malcolm Butler intercepts Doug Flutie

Eastern Bank got in on the action. Doug Flutie was tossing out footballs to the audience at a charity event sponsored by the bank, when Super Bowl XLIX hero Malcolm Butler stepped in front of one of the throws for an interception, much to the delight of those in attendance.


Seahawks’ Bruce Irvin misfires

Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bruce Irvin posted a pair of tweets that were perceived by many to be in bad taste.

Irvin waited until 8:58 a.m., approximately 25 minutes after his initial two tweets, to declare that he was only playing around.

“How many of yall thought I was serious ?! Haha April fools!!!,” Irvin said.

Irvin was bombarded with angry tweets before he self-imposed a punishment.

“Ok it was a joke didn’t meant to disrespect anybody. Damn relax,” Irvin said. “I’m banning myself from Twitter the rest of day. U trolls have fun killing my mentions i got work to do.”

Is it April 2 yet?

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