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Globe staff 2015 baseball predictions

The Nationals were a unanimous pick to win the National League East by the Globe staff. AP

Here’s how the Globe staff baseball writers and columnists are predicting the 2015 Major League Baseball season will go:

Dan Shaughnessy

AL East: Orioles – Why does everyone think the Red Sox made up 25 games on these guys?

AL Central: Tigers – Not done yet.

AL West: Angels – Mike Scioscia keeps these guys in the tournament.

AL wild card: Indians, Red Sox – Tito gives his regards to Sox owners again in playoffs.

NL East: Nationals – Starting staff like the 1971 Orioles

NL Central: Cubs – Theo, Jon Lester . . . Why can’t we get GMs and aces like that?


NL West: Dodgers – Just to see Adrian “The Cooler” Gonzalez freeze another team in October

NL wild card: Giants, Pirates – Champs still in playoffs; Former BC catcher Tony Sanchez breaks out.

World Series: Nationals over Orioles in 7 – Beltway Series unites all houses.

Nick Cafardo

AL East: Orioles – Most consistent starting rotation, great player in Manny Machado.

AL Central: White Sox – Superb top three starters (Chris Sale, Jeff Samardzija and Jose Quintana).

AL West: Mariners – Very good pitching staff 1-12 and enhanced power with Nelson Cruz.

AL wild card: Angels, Tigers – The Angels still have overall talent; Tigers continue to ignore their bullpen.

NL East: Nationals – Don’t envision starting rotation letting anyone down and Bryce Harper becomes a star.

NL Central: Pirates – Nice blend of pitching and offense. Pirates finally have it together.

NL West: Dodgers – Not a solid choice but this division has flaws.

NL wild card: Cardinals, Giants – Doubt Giants get to World Serie; Cardinals don’t have enough power.

World Series: Nationals over Mariners in 6 – The Nationals can’t possibly lose with that pitching staff.

Peter Abraham

AL East: Orioles – Baltimore gets a big boost from Manny Machado’s return.


AL Central: Tigers – They are not what they once were, but still formidable.

AL West: Mariners – Seattle has a much deeper lineup around Robinson Cano.

AL wild card: Indians, Angels – The Sox will compete, but the loss of Christian Vazquez was a killer.

NL East: Nationals – They’re built to win now with that rotation.

NL Central: Pirates – Andrew McCutchen is the best player not named Mike Trout

NL West: Dodgers – A quiet but effective offseason put them in good position.

NL wild card: Marlins, Cardinals – The young Marlins and older Cardinals sneak in.

World Series: Nationals over Mariners in 6 – In a playoff series, it will be tough to beat the Washington starters.

Christopher L. Gasper

AL East: Blue Jays – The Blue Jays end the longest playoff drought in major North American pro sports.

AL Central: Indians – In Terry Francona I trust. It helps to have Cy Young winner Corey Kluber too.

AL West: Angels – Mike Trout and the Halos can mash. They led MLB in runs in 2014.

AL wild card: Mariners, Tigers – Mariners’ defense is almost as good as Pete Carroll’s. Tigers edge Red Sox for final wild card.

NL East: Nationals – The anti-Red Sox, Nationals should have “Everyone is an Ace” T-shirts.

NL Central: Cardinals – The Cardinals are like the Patriots of baseball. Bow before the Cardinal Way

NL West: Dodgers – Let’s see what former Rays GM Andrew Friedman does with the Dodgers’ deep pockets.


NL wild card: Padres, Pirates – Padres’ offseason splurge pays off. Bucs make it three straight postseasons.

World Series: Nationals over Tigers in 7 – Someone in Washington finally delivers on their promise.

Chad Finn

AL East: Red Sox – Offense will keep scoreboard busy, but pitching reinforcements required.

AL Central: Royals – Yordano surpasses Robin, Jesse and that highway as most impressive Ventura.

AL West: Mariners – First 20-win season and second Cy Young for King Felix.

AL wild card: Athletics, White Sox – Billy Beane’s bewildering offseason moves pay off. Carlos Rodon electrifies.

NL East: Nationals – How’s this for pitching depth? Sixth starter Tanner Roark might be Red Sox’ ace.

NL Central: Cubs – Lester/Arrieta form best Northside 1-2 punch since Greg Maddux/anyone else.

NL West: Dodgers – Clayton Kershaw’s most similar statistical pitching comp? Babe Ruth.

NL wild card: Marlins, Pirates – Giancarlo Stanton wallops 50 homers. Marte-McCutchen-Polanco NL’s finest outfield.

World Series: Pirates over Red Sox in 6 – Pittsburgh finally avenges 1903 loss to Boston. Shall we meet again in 2127?

Alex Speier

AL East: Red Sox – Consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

AL Central: White Sox – Winners of the offseason win in the season.

Al West: Mariners – Felix Hernandez finally pitches in the postseason.

AL wild card: Yankees, Angels – Yankees staff surprises with health; Trout helps Halos get past.

NL East: Nationals – Loaded rotation, loaded lineup.

NL Central: Cardinals – The class of the division till proven otherwise.


NL West: Dodgers – Too much talent for the rest of the division.

NL wild card: Marlins, Pirates – There is no such thing as small-revenue teams anymore.

World Series: Nationals over Mariners in 5 – Scott Boras hailed as conquering hero as client-loaded Nats triumph.