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Red Sox fan struggles with poncho, announcers can’t keep it together

Well, this is something one Red Sox fan might never live down.

Those watching Saturday’s game against the Rays at home might have witnessed a fan in the stands at Fenway Park struggle to put on a poncho — and there was no way announcers Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo were going to let him off the hook.

The fan initially started out eyeing the poncho with minor befuddlement, evoking an innocuous conversation amongst the two announcers.

“The poncho is not the easiest wardrobe to work with,” Orsillo said.

“It seems like a lot of people have trouble getting that on,” Remy agreed. “They can’t find the head part of it — they don’t know if it’s the arms, the head; very confusing.”


But as the game continued, the camera panned back in on the fan — who, after a play, still seemed bewildered by the dark blue rain gear.

“He’s still trying to figure it out,” Orsillo said incredulously.

“That’s gotta be the head part of it,” Remy chimed in helpfully as the fan tried poking his hand through a hole.

“He’s got a defective poncho!” Orsillo suggested.

As the bottom of the sixth played out, the narrative continued, and both Remy and Orsillo struggled themselves — to keep it together.

Eventually, the fan seemed to get the poncho halfway on, with a hood over his head, and just gave up, to the delight of the announcers.

“He says, forget it — I’m going with one arm,” Orsillo started before cracking up.

Watch the video here: