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Key points in Tom Brady’s documents on Deflategate

The Globe’s NFL reporter, Ben Volin, has been sifting through the flurry of documents the NFL Players’ Association filed in an amended lawsuit Tuesday.

Here are the highlights he has come across so far:

The Colts’ email thread

Read more about the Colts’ involvement and the Ravens’ denial. Read the full email thread here.

Tom Brady’s personal emails

■ Assistant US attorney Eric Christofferson said Brady was “amazingly calm” during his January news conference. He also said the media’s handling of the initial news was “absurd.”

■ Brady asked for two different projects about his net worth, though details were redacted:

■ He planned a dinner with Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini, who also arranged for Brady to speak to some of his players:


Brady agreed to speak to the players and in exchange asked Aquilini to make a donation to his foundation.

■ Brady doesn’t want to write a book until well after his career is over:

■ He went on the hunt for some new Tom Ford duds:

■ Other email tidbits:

Here is the report McDonough suggested Brady.

■ Deadspin has more on Brady’s emails: a pool cover color debate, an apology from Robert Kraft, and trying to purchase a domain name for his company, TB12.

The letter from AT&T

Robert Kraft’s character reference for Brady

Ted Wells’s testimony at the appeal hearing

Troy Vincent’s testimony

Rachel G. Bowers contributed to this report.