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Tom Brady sketch artist gets second chance

Monday’s courtroom sketch of Tom Brady by artist Jane Rosenberg.Jane Rosenberg

Everyone likes a good comeback story. Just look at the ads NFL Network is airing in advance of “Do Your Job: Bill Belichick and the 2014 New England Patriots.” One commercial shows the Patriots hanging their heads after a brutal loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on “Monday Night Football,” with commenators suggesting the Patriots are no longer a good team.

The commercial then moves ahead to the Patriots capturing their fourth Super Bowl title.

On Monday, courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg got her shot at redemption.

Just like the Patriots after that humiliating loss to the Chiefs, Rosenberg had been hard at work, making improvements.


Rosenberg was the sketch artist for Brady’s first appearance in federal court Aug. 12, and the reviews were not kind.

Courtroom sketch artist Jane Rosenberg was surrounded by media outside the federal courthouse in New York Monday.AP

Some people had fun with the images.

Jane Rosenberg’s sketch from Aug. 12.REUTERS

Rosenberg’s name was in the spotlight, and soon she was being interviewed by media outlets. “I don’t tend to flatter people and make them look beautiful,” she said.

But that seems to be what Rosenberg hoped to do this time around. The artist revealed to WBZ’s Jim Armstrong that she’s had sleepless nights, and “Brady’s been in my mind in the middle of the night. I get up worrying about it.”

Rosenberg even revealed a practice sketch to Armstrong Sunday night.

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