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Rex Ryan: ‘Belichick outcoached me’

Rex Ryan has beaten Bill Belichick just four times.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Rex Ryan is taking it personally.

He lost again to Bill Belichick’s Patriots, this time with Tom Brady throwing for 466 yards and his Bills turning over the ball three times.

So in his opening remarks of his postgame news conference, Ryan owned it, saying straight up that Belichick “outcoached” him. Ryan is still just 4-10 in head-to-head games against Belichick since 2009.

Here are the highlights of Ryan’s postgame comments:

Ryan: Well, I’m gonna tell you exactly how I told our team. First off this loss is squarely on one man’s shoulders. It’s on my shoulders. You know, yeah we gotta get better as a team there’s no question. But I have to get better. You know [Bill] Belichick outcoached me. No question about it and that’s where the game, that’s how it ended up and it’s unfortunate. The plan has to be better on defense. Can’t give up 500 yards and beat anybody, and then we turn it over three times. You know, we did a horse [expletive] job and it’s my responsibility. Our team will get better, but it starts with me getting better and looking forward to next week. With that I’ll open it up for questions.

Q: Were you surprised that Bill Belichick kept throwing the ball?


Ryan: Well you kind of hope that’s what happens. Anything else held it. I mean [Tom] Brady, you know, threw for 500 yards so I guess — can’t argue that I guess.

Q: You mentioned Bill Belichick outcoached you. How so?

Ryan: Hey man, I just know his team won. Again.

Q: So nothing stands out?

Ryan: No, what stands out I mean is all the penalties. They only had 11, we had 14. I guess the refs thought they came to see them today.

Q: Any chance to put a defensive back on Dion Lewis, a running back versus putting a linebacker, like Nigel Bradham, on him?


Ryan: Well what was I gonna do play 50 of them and then they can run the ball down your throat? So, nah, we’ll save that adjustment for some other genius.

Q: Do you regret not knowing Dion Lewis’ name earlier this week?

Ryan: Uh, that’s the reason we lost. Go ahead, I still don’t know his name. Next time run the ball. Next.

Q: There was a lot of talk this week. Looking back do you have an issue on the mindset of the team?

Ryan: Yeah, I got an issue we never won. I mean that’s it. You can blame it any way you want, I don’t care. It’s my fault we talk too much. That’s why we lost.

Q: Are you taking it personal?

Ryan: Hell yeah I’m taking it personal. And I’m gonna take the rest of them personal too.

Q: Most yards ever allowed on the Bills passing in a game in 60 years.

Ryan: I believe it. How many they throw for? 500? I mean they rushed for probably 50, they got 550 yards or whatever it is. So hell yeah I take it personal.

Q: What happened on the personal foul on the bench?

Ryan: That was mine. The guy’s got rabbit ears. I don’t know what to tell you.

Q: Do you remember what you said?

Ryan: I don’t recall.

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