2015 Head of the Charles River Regatta schedule

Rowers are seen through the supports of the Weeks Bridge.
Rowers are seen through the supports of the Weeks Bridge.David L. Ryan/Globe Staff

Schedule of races for the 2015 Head of the Charles River Regatta. Event times are typically for the finals. The schedule is tentative and subject to change.

For updates, check the event website.

Saturday, Oct. 17

8:00 AMM SR-VET 1XMen’s Senior Veteran Singles I and II [70+]

8:20 AMW SR-VET 1XWomen’s Veteran I/II and Senior Veteran I/II [60 - 69, 70+]

8:55 AMM VET 1XMen’s Veteran Singles I and II [60+]

9:20 AMM GM 1XMen’s Grand Master Singles [50+]

9:42 AMW GM 1XWomen’s Grand Master Singles [50+]

10:05 AMM SM 8+Men’s Senior Master Eights [50+]

10:26 AMW SM 8+Women’s Senior Master Eights [50+]


10:44 AMM SM 4+Men’s Senior Master Fours [50+]

11:05 AMW SM 4+Women’s Senior Master Fours [50+]

11:30 AMM SM 2XMen’s Senior Master Doubles [50+]

11:45 AMW SM 2XWomen’s Senior Master Doubles [50+]

12:03 PMM SM 1XMen’s Senior Master Singles [40+]

12:15 PMW SM 1XWomen’s Senior Masters Singles [40+]

12:32 PMM ALUM 8+Men’s Alumni Eights

12:54 PMW ALUM 8+Women’s Alumni Eights

1:15 PMM CLUB 4+Men’s Club Fours

1:35 PMW CLUB 4+Women’s Club Fours

2:04 PMM CLUB 8+Men’s Club Eights

2:19 PMW CLUB 8+Women’s Club Eights

2:36 PMM MSTR 4+Men’s Master Fours [40+]

2:49 PMW MSTR 4+Women’s Master Fours [40+]

3:08 PMM MSTR 8+Men’s Master Eights [40+]

3:19 PMW MSTR 8+Women’s Master Eights [40+]

3:33 PMM CHAMP 2XMen’s Championship Doubles

3:42 PMW CHAMP 2XWomen’s Championship Doubles

3:54 PMM COLLEGE 4+Men’s Collegiate Fours

4:08 PMW COLLEGE 4+Women’s Collegiate Fours

4:24 PMM CHAMP 1XMen’s Championship Singles

4:33 PMW CHAMP 1XWomen’s Championship Singles

4:43 PMDC PC 2XDirectors’ Challenge Parent/Child Doubles

5:03 PMDC MX 2XDirectors Challenge Mixed Doubles

Sunday, Oct. 18

8:00 AMMX ADAPT 4+Mixed Legs/Trunk/Arms Fours

8:13 AMEXHB 2xAdaptive Inclusion 2x [Exhibition]

8:21 AMTA 2XMixed/Same Gender Trunk/Arms Doubles

8:40 AMM CLUB 1XMen’s Club Singles

8:40 AMM YOUTH 1XMen’s Youth Singles

9:04 AMW CLUB 1XWomens Club Singles


9:04 AMWYOUTH 1XWomen’s Youth Singles

9:28 AMM YOUTH 4+Men’s Youth Fours

10:03 AMDC W 4XDirectors’ Challenge Women’s Quads

10:29 AMM YOUTH 8+Men’s Youth Eights

10:56 AMM MSTR 1XMen’s Master Singles

11:05 AMW MSTR 1XWomen’s Master Singles

11:21 AMM YOUTH 2XMen’s Youth Doubles

11:37 AMW YOUTH 2XWomen’s Youth Doubles

11:53 AMM LW 1XMen’s Lightweight Singles

11:55 AMW LW 1XWomen’s Lightweight Singles

12:02 PMW YOUTH 4+Women’s Youth Fours

12:56 PMDC M 4XDirectors’ Challenge Men’s Quads

1:12 PMW YOUTH 8+Women’s Youth Eights

1:45 PMM MSTR 2XMen’s Master Doubles [40+]

1:55 PMW MSTR 2XWomen’s Master Doubles [40+]

2:10 PMM CHAMP 4+Men’s Championship Fours

2:16 PMW CHAMP 4+Women’s Championship Fours

2:30 PMM CHAMP 8+Men’s Championship Eights

2:44 PMW CHAMP 8+Women’s Championship Eights

2:59 PMDC MX 4XDirectors’ Challenge Mixed Quads

3:17 PMM COLLEGE 8+Men’s Collegiate Eights

3:31 PMW COLLEGE 8+Women’s Collegiate Eights

3:46 PMM LW 4+Men’s Lightweight Fours

3:53 PMW LW 4+Women’s Lightweight Fours

4:06 PMM LW 8+Men’s Lightweight Eights

4:12 AMW LW 8+Women’s Lightweight Eights

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