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Brady wary of Chiefs’ ability to force mistakes

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Tom Brady does not have fond memories of the last time the Patriots faced the Kansas City Chiefs.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Tom Brady made his weekly appearance on WEEI Monday morning, where he discussed the Kansas City Chiefs, and the importance of his teammates getting healthy.

Despite the one-sided score of the Kansas City-Houston game over the weekend, Brady said there was still something to take away from the game.

"Even though it was 30-0 and obviously Houston didn't play very well, I think Kansas City forced them into a lot of bad football," said Brady. "That's what I think Kansas City's done a great job of all year. They've forced teams, whoever they've played down the stretch, they've won 11 straight, all of them into making a lot of bad plays.


"I think Kansas City does a great job protecting the ball and taking advantage of the scoring opportunities, and then they've got a good rush, they've got a good front. They just force the offense into making a lot of mistakes. That's kind of the mark of a good team. That's why they're at this point."

The Patriots did not face the Chiefs in 2015, but they did play at Kansas City in 2014 and were handed a 41-14 loss on Monday night football.

"I think exactly what I just described is how we played them last year," Brady said. "Exactly how they won against Houston is exactly how they beat us. They just force you into a lot of bad football, and they've got guys offensively that can control the clock, they run the ball a lot, they have a very good quarterback who plays very efficiently. That's what they did to us, that's kind of a winning formula for them. That's been a winning formula for a long time."

Brady believes some of his teammates will be back for Saturday's game, and that can only help.


"I think having guys out there that have been our most dependable and consistent players is going to be very important," said Brady. "The more guys we have out there healthy, the better we're going to be, and the tougher we are to beat."

Brady and the offense would certainly benefit from the return of a healthy Julian Edelman.

"He's been working pretty hard at it, so we'll see as the week goes," said Brady. "No one knows at this point. We're still plenty of days away, but no one's worked harder than him. If he is, that would be huge, and if he's not, then we've got to continue to find ways to win anyway. You're always this time of year dealing with different guys in or out. Like I said, the more guys we have healthy, the better. Only those guys can determine how well they are and how fit they are and how ready they are to go."

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