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Tom Brady says he’s never tried coffee

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in fine form — without the aid of caffeine — during Monday’s practice at Gillette Stadium.Jim Davis/Globe Staff/Globe Staff

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a renowned health fanatic, said Monday that he has never had coffee.

While discussing Saturday’s playoff game involving the Chiefs during his contractual weekly radio appearance on WEEI, Brady said, “I never had any coffee or anything like that. I just never tried it.”

Brady has three children. And he doesn’t drink coffee?

The remarks followed a conversation on the radio about his eating habits, which were recently detailed by Brady’s personal chef, Allen Campbell.

When asked why he didn’t eat fruit, Brady noted, “It’s mostly a taste thing.”

He was also asked what his favorite cheat food was when he went off-diet. After an awkwardly long pause, he replied, “Probably burgers or ice cream or something like that.”