Foxborough issues statement on handling of reported Chandler Jones incident

The town of Foxborough issued a statement Wednesday regarding its handling of a medical assistance call Sunday morning that reportedly involved Patriots defensive lineman Chandler Jones. It was signed by town manager William G. Keegan, Jr.

The statement reads as follows:

“As many of you know, on the morning of January 10, 2016, Town of Foxborough Police, Fire/EMT officers engaged in a medical assistance response at the Foxborough Police Station. Due to the medical nature of this response action and the clear applicability of federal and state laws and regulations which secure the privacy rights of individuals to whom the Town provides medical assistance and prohibit the unauthorized dissemination or release of sensitive medical information, we are currently in the process of assembling and reviewing all documents and information in the Town’s possession relative to this response action and we will be discussing the same with legal counsel prior to releasing any documents or further statements in this regard.


“We fully appreciate and understand the need for transparency and full disclosure, as required by law, with respect to public safety actions such as this; however, we are likewise, well aware of and are bound by law to secure individual rights and privileges involved when medical response actions taken by the Town’s public safety personnel.

“We have received formal requests for the release of public records relating to this matter from the media, all of which will be addressed in a timely and appropriate manner once a full review of all such records is completed.

“A more detailed statement pertaining to this medical assistance response will be provided as soon as possible.”