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Tom Brady will play until he’s 70, Peyton Manning jokes

Peyton Manning was one of nine other Broncos players who sat at podiums for media day.Jeff Chiu/Associated Press

Super Bowl media day (read: circus) was Monday night.

Here is a roundup of the wackier and odd ball questions, answers, and moments from the SAP Center in San Jose, Calif.:

■ While Peyton Manning says he does not have a definitive answer about his future, he joked about how long Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will stay in the league.

■ But Manning knows one thing for sure.

“I promise you if I run for a touchdown Sunday, I will celebrate,” he said.

■ Manning also joked that after his 12-yard run against New England in the AFC Championship game, the Carolina Panthers will have to adjust their defensive scheme.


“There’s a good chance Carolina will drop somebody to spy me,” he said before cracking a smile.

■ Cam Newton was asked to freestyle for a reporter. He obliged.

■ Aqib Talib engaged in a rap battle with the same reporter.

"Your watch cost ten dollars": Aqib Talib freestyling with a fan:

Posted by Jay Busbee on Monday, February 1, 2016

■ Newton posed a rhetorical question about him and LeBron James: “Why can’t LeBron be called the Cam Newton of power forwards?”

■ A “reporter” dressed in a gold superhero costume asked Newton if he would still be able to cat-sit this Saturday night.

“I don’t think I’m gonna be able to do that,” Newton said sarcastically. “We got curfew.”

■ Emmanuel Sanders’s favorite character from “Full House” is Uncle Jesse, played by John Stamos.

■ Talib’s favorite actor is Denzel Washington. “Because he’s the hottest actor out.”

■ Talib does everything with his right first. He said he couldn’t remember why he started doing it, but assumed it was something he learned from his mother.

“I got to do the right side first. I’ve been doing it for a while, a long time,” he said. “I don’t know why. I step out the house, I step out with the right first.”


■ Josh Norman said fellow trash-talkers should bring their A game when facing him.

“If you’re going to do the talking, please come from that style of play and not get out of your game,” he said. “Because I promise you, if you talk to me, I’m going to get you off your game.”

■ Newton sported a pair of black, gold, and white Versace pants on the team plane Sunday. Why?

“The mantra of the Super Bowl is black and gold,” Newton said. “The black and gold attire that I had in my closet was extremely limited . . . I looked at my pants and said, ‘These are black and gold, these shoes are black and gold’ to tie along with the whole Super Bowl 50 black and gold.”

■ Talib’s mother nicknamed him Big Head growing up. His teammates at Kansas called him Young Snoop.

■ Newton said the skills of guard Steph Curry are like something out of a video game.

■ Demaryius Thomas doesn’t know who Coldplay is.

■ Miss Universe was a “reporter” for Inside Edition and wound up dancing with some Panthers players.

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