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Rob Gronkowski thinks Panthers will pull off Super Bowl win

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Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

The season may be over for the Patriots, but that has not stopped All-Pro tight end Rob Gronkowski from heading to California and taking in the Super Bowl scene.

Tuesday night, he appeared on "Conan," and was asked by host Conan O'Brien who he thought would win the Super Bowl.

"I feel like the Carolina Panthers are a pretty hot team," said Gronkowski. "They've been playing really good football. I think both teams are very good, but I feel like the Panthers will pull it off in the end."

Gronkowski taped a segment on Monday, when he went to San Francisco to buy a gift for Conan at the NFL Shop. In the clip paid for by Visa, Gronkowski buys several items, then spikes them. Among the items smashed are a coffee mug, a beer mug, a glass tray with the NFL logo, a vase, a chandelier, and a giant football pinata.


The bit ends with Gronkowski settling on a stuffed toy monkey that he is unable to shatter while spiking.

Gronkowski also shared some stories from his college days at University of Arizona, where he lived with his brother. Among the tales was one about the time they set up a slip and slide in the house. There was just one rule.

"You just had to run at full speed and give it your best try every time," said Gronkowski. "We just never let anyone do a weak try and go through our kitchen and slide two feet. It was always full-go. It was wild. You always slid out the back door if you had a good slide."

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