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Here’s what happens when 5,000 people go for a run in the mud

These competitors slogged through a 5K obstacle course to help raise money for multiple sclerosis research.

By Stan Grossfeld | Globe Staff

DEVENS — Mud is the great equalizer.

squishy, oozy, wet earth
earth allows people to
get down and dirty.
Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff
MuckFest MS, a 5K race through the mud, was
built for laughs.
The race features obstacles with names such as “Big Balls,” “Muck Off,” and “Skid Mark.”
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Last weekend, some 5,000 mud-caked people helped raise money for multiple sclerosis research. The organization’s fundraising goal is $730,000 and it has so far raised more than $600,000.

Some competitors rose to new heights.

Heather Ward of Ayer, who has battled MS since 2000, even surprised herself.

Stan Grossfeld/Globe Staff

She grabbed the rings and conquered the AbbVie Spinner, a circular ride dangling over a muddy moat, with a smile plastered on her face.


You don't let it stop you
,” she says of MS. “You just live as if you don’t have it as much as you can.”