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Bubba Watson takes golf to a whole new level with jetpack cart

Bubba Watson is the sixth-ranked golfer in the world.
Bubba Watson is the sixth-ranked golfer in the world.Craig Brough/Reuters

Don’t like walking the golf course? Don’t like how other golfers drive carts on the course? Want a bird’s eye view of the course between each hole rather than sticking to the sidewalk in the cart?

Looks like Bubba Watson, Oakley, and Martin Aircraft may have the thing for you — if you have $200,000.

Watson, the sixth-ranked golfer in the world, apparently partnered with Oakley on a golf jetpack, although Martin Aircraft actually developed it, to push it as the eventual replacement of golf carts.

It has been a pretty good marketing rollout for the dual-engine aircraft considering how many times this story has been written since two promotional videos — an introductory video featuring Watson and a behind-the-scenes video of the first video (I am exhausted even typing that meta nonsense) — were posted two days ago. Pats on the back for all public relations, marketing, and advertising parties involved.

Martin Aircraft’s target industry for the jetpack — which has not been approved by the FAA but is certified to fly in New Zealand, where the videos were shot, Mashable reported — is first responders. The jetpack can take off and land vertically, has a 200-horsepower engine, can fly up to 3,000 feet, travel up to 46 m.p.h., runs on gas, and produces as much noise as a motorcycle.


Though first responders are the target for the BW Air — yes, BW as in Bubba Watson — it likely wouldn’t have garnered the attention without Watson in the rollout. So slap a few huge Oakley logos and put Watson and sunglasses in the video and launch it just before the Olympics and you’ve got yourself a pretty well-timed and topical release. Golf is back at the Olympics for the first time in more than 100 years and Watson is a part of Team USA.


The price tag of this “new type of technology in a traditional environment in golf”? $200,000.

Martin Aircraft’s website says it will start shipping to first responders later this year. Those who reserve one for personal use — the deposit is $5,000 — will get theirs the first part of next year.

Watson hasn’t flown it yet because he hasn’t had the proper training, though he is in the middle of said training, according to Mashable. But he already has a favorite part.

“You’re riding by yourself, you don’t have to ride with that annoying golfer that tells you all about his score,” Watson says in the video. “You just watched it, you don’t need to hear about it.”

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