New England’s World Cup skiing history

Julie Parisien won a World Cup giant slalom at Waterville Valley in 1991.
Julie Parisien won a World Cup giant slalom at Waterville Valley in 1991.AP file photo/Boston Globe

Listing event winners (S — slalom; GS — giant slalom; D — downhill):

■  1 967, Cannon Mountain: Marielle Goitschel (S); Christine Beranger (GS); Isabelle Mir (D); Jean-Claude Killy (S, GS, D).

■  1969, Waterville Valley: Kiki Cutter (S); Bernadette Rauter (GS); Jean-Noel Augert (S); Dumeng Giovanoli (GS).

■  1971, Sugarloaf: Michelle Jacot (GS); Annemarie Moser-Proell (D); Gustavo Thoeni (GS); Stefano Anzi (D); Bernhard Russi (D).

■  1978, Waterville Valley: Lise-Marie Morerod (GS); Andreas Wenzel (GS).

■  1978, Stratton: Perrine Pelen (S); Hanni Wenzel (GS); Steve Mahre (S); Phil Mahre (GS).

■  1980, Waterville Valley: Perrine Pelen (S); Hanni Wenzel (GS); Ingemar Stenmark (S); Hans Enn (GS).

■  1982, Waterville Valley: Ursula Konzett (S); Irene Epple (GS).


■  1983, Waterville Valley: Roswitha Steiner (S); Tamara McKinney (GS).

■  1984, Waterville Valley: Tamara McKinney (S, GS).

■  1985, Waterville Valley: Tamara McKinney (S); Vreni Schneider (GS).

■  *1986, Waterville Valley: Roswitha Steiner (S); Vreni Schneider (GS).

■  **1986, Waterville Valley: Erika Hess (S); Vreni Schneider (GS).

■  1989, Waterville Valley: Alberto Tomba (S); Urs Kaelin (GS).

■  1991, Waterville Valley: Pernilla Wiberg (S); Julie Parisien (GS); Thomas Fogdoe (S); Alberto Tomba (GS).

NOTE: *spring; **fall; sources: FIS-Ski.com and Boston Globe

Killington World Cup schedule

Giant slalom: Saturday, 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

Slalom: Sunday, 9:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

TV: Saturday and Sunday, NBC, 3 p.m.

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