US hopeful Galen Rupp drops out of Marathon

Galen Rupp, the top US men’s hope who’d finished second last year, dropped out of Monday’s race around the 20-mile mark, just before Heartbreak Hill. The Olympic bronze medalist, who’d won in Chicago last fall, had said he was looking forward to running in the unfavorable conditions.

“Being an Oregon boy I’m not too fazed by the weather,” he’d said. “Cold and rain is what it is most of the time where I’m from.”

Rupp, who’d prudently bundled up, was with the lead pack coming out of Wellesley but began to fall off the pace going up the Route 128 overpass and was out of contention by the firehouse turn into the Newton trimountain.


He wasn’t alone as a DNF among the elites.

None of the seven top contenders by personal-best times completed the course.

Galen Rupp hydrated after the 11-mile mark.
Lane Turner/Globe Staff
Galen Rupp hydrated after the 11-mile mark.

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