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Sue Bird had a few things to say about Trump’s criticism of Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe (left) and Sue Bird attended a college basketball game together in January.Elaine Thompson/AP/Associated Press

In a story for The Players Tribune, WNBA star Sue Bird expressed her thoughts on the United States women’s national soccer team, gave some World Cup predictions, and commented on the words between her longtime girlfriend and USWNT standout Megan Rapinoe and President Trump.

Rapinoe, who publicly stated she was not interested in “going to the [expletive] White House” if her team won, became the subject of criticism from the president himself. Trump responded via a series of tweets, one of which read: “Megan should WIN before she TALKS! Finish the job!”

In a news conference, Rapinoe was unapologetic and stuck by her comments. Teammate Alex Morgan also made it known she won’t go to the White House if her team wins.


In her article, Bird wrote that she fully supports Rapinoe and the entire USWNT.

Some highlights:

On Trump:

“What’s it like to have the literal President of the literal United States (of literal America) go Full Adolescent Boy on your girlfriend? Hmm. Well… it’s WEIRD…after we won the WNBA title in Seattle last season, no way were we going to the [expletive] White House! … Like, dude — there’s nothing better demanding your attention?? It would be ridiculous to the point of laughter, if it wasn’t so gross. (And if his legislations and policies weren’t ruining the lives of so many innocent people.)”

“Donald Trump has never invited a WNBA champion to the White House.”

In support of Team USA:

“Take away all of the “extra” stuff — and just focus for a second on the soccer alone. Two goals against Spain. Two goals against France, WHILE A GUEST IN THEIR MAISON … I just think it’s also really important not to forget what this is actually, first and foremost, about, you know? It’s about a world-class athlete, operating at the absolute peak of her powers, on the absolute biggest stage that there is. It’s about an athlete [expletive] killing it.”


On Rapinoe’s strength:

“You just cannot shake that girl. She’s going to do her thing, at her own damn speed, to her own damn rhythm, and she’s going to apologize to exactly NO ONE for it. So when all the Trump business started to go down last week, I mean — the fact that Megan just seemed completely unfazed? It’s strange to say, but that was probably the only normal thing about it… Megan is at the boss level in the video game of knowing herself.”

On her World Cup predictions:

“In the first semi, I’ve got those frisky lil AMERICANS taking down England, by a score of 2-0…”

“In the second semi….. O.K., so, I won’t reveal my sources, but I heard this major scoop that the Netherlands might be a team people are sleeping on?? Let’s go with the Netherlands, 2-1.”

On penalty kicks:

I guess they’re kind of like free throws? Only if there was someone trying to BLOCK your free throw, and you had to use your foot (??), and oh yeah if you missed it you’d never forgive yourself and have it haunt you for the rest of your LIFE?? So what I’m saying is it’s not like a free throw at all.

On “Megan Goggles” and feeling national pride:

“Megan Goggles are a lot more than some cute running joke between us, about fashion choices or whatever — and that they’re actually this kind of skeleton key to Megan herself….It was like the entire country, all at once, for this one fleeting and improbable but also somehow very very very very possible moment….. PUT ON MEGAN GOGGLES.


“The entire country, all at once, said — Soccer? YES. Women’s soccer? YES. An openly gay superstar swagging out with two goals and [expletive] celebrations and leading us to a huge-ass win in women’s soccer? YES.”