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Tom Brady: I still want to play in 2020

Tom Brady reiterated his desire to play in 2020 on Sunday.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

On Sunday, quarterback Tom Brady told Westwood One he’s still interested in playing in 2020, adding that he understands he’s heading into an uncertain stretch.

“I’m open-minded about the process,” said the 42-year-old Brady, who is slated to be a free agent for the first time this offseason. “At the same time, I love playing football and I want to continue to play and do a great job. So I’m looking forward to what’s ahead. Whatever the future may bring, I’ll embrace it with open arms.”

Jimmy Garoppolo and Tom Brady were together for three-plus years.John Tlumacki/Globe Staff

Brady was one part of a two-part quarterback Q&A — his former backup, Jimmy Garoppolo, was also interviewed before the NFC title game. Garoppolo, on the eve of his first start in a conference championship game, was asked what he learned from his time with Brady, a guy who has started 13 AFC title games.


“I never wanted to be a nuisance or anything like that and ask too many questions around him, so I would try to learn from afar and really take it all in visually,” Garoppolo said. “Hear what he’s saying and things like that. A big thing, especially in the playoffs, that I learned from him was that you’ve gotta stay cool, calm, collected.”

For his part, Brady was asked if he could give Garoppolo any advice when it comes to quarterbacking in a conference championship.

“I think a lot of it is, you pretty much do what you’ve done all year,” Brady said. “You got to this point with an incredible team playing really great complementary football. It’s not about doing something different. It’s just about going out and just having really good, solid execution.

“If there’s anything I would advise people, it’s during the week not to get caught up in all the different things you can do and the media obligations and overhype it.”