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David Backes isn’t happy with Phil Kessel’s tweet

David Backes (right) was on the US team that lost its first two games in the World Cup.AP

It looks as if Bruins forward David Backes may be ready to drop the gloves with the Penguins’ Phil Kessel.

Backes was quick to respond after the former Bruin fired off a tweet following the United States’ loss to Canada in the World Cup of Hockey Tuesday that ended the US’ chance of advancing to the semifinals.

“Just sitting around the house tonight w my dog. Felt like I should be doing something important, but couldn’t put my finger on it,” Kessel tweeted, a reference to not being chosen for the US team.

Backes, along with several other US players, shot back and said Kessel’s comments would not be forgotten.


“It’s disappointing,” said Backes. “It’s almost to say that we were coasting or don’t care, weren’t representing our countries as well as we could have.

“I understand there’s hard feelings if you weren’t picked for the team or whatever, but the comments are, I think — as a team guy and as a guy that stands by my teammates, win lose or draw — it’s a little distasteful and aggravating.

“But everyone’s got a Twitter account, and you can have freedom of speech to say whatever you want and so be it.

“But those comments don’t get lost in the fray, and those comments are there and have been read and I think will be remembered when whatever happens going forward happens going forward.”

The Bruins open the season Oct. 13 but don’t face the Penguins until Dec. 14.

Kessel, who was drafted by the Bruins with the fifth overall pick in 2006 and played three seasons in Boston before being traded to Toronto, won his first Stanley Cup with the Penguins this past June.

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