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Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand are the Bruins’ dynamic duo on the ice.

But since Bergeron does not indulge in social media publicly, Marchand instead most often pairs up with defenseman Torey Krug when it comes to Twitter shenanigans.

After Tuesday’s overtime win against the Carolina Hurricanes, Marchand was spotted by NBC Sports Boston’s Joe Haggerty giving a tour of the team’s locker room to a young fan. Haggerty tweeted that Marchand joked to the fan and her family that 6-foot-9-inch Zdeno Chara is taller than he is (Marchand stands at five feet, nine inches) when Chara is on his knees.


Krug is also listed at 5-feet-9-inches, and since he joined the Bruins in 2013, he and Marchand have joked over who stands taller.

Rarely one to keep comments to himself, Marchand took an opportunity to fire a shot at Krug.

Krug took a creative route with his response on Wednesday morning, clarifying that Marchand’s words the night before were a result of his taking “angry elf pills” before the game.

Krug has not responded yet on Twitter, but this instance is not the first time the pair have jokingly mocked one another on Twitter before. Here’s a look at Marchand and Krug’s Twitter interactions over the years:


Marchand fired the first shot of this height-based rivalry on March 2, 2014. He referred to Krug as “shorty” in a caption of the duo’s photo with actor John Travolta in the Bruins locker room and even tagged Krug in a follow-up tweet to ensure he received the message.

All was quiet between the two on social media until that summer, when Marchand made friends with a turtle during the offseason. Krug took the liberty of comparing Marchand’s tweet to a viral YouTube video, “Zombie Kid Likes Turtles,” from 2007.


Marchand responded in kind in August 2014, pointing out an obvious height difference between Krug and his companions in a photo. Krug, always ready to riff, poked fun at himself by claiming to be a leprechaun.

Marchand took the offensive yet again in September, accusing Krug of using a step stool to reach his bathroom sink.


The Twitter trail between Marchand and Krug mostly runs cold between 2014 and 2017, with one or two minor tweets exchanged between one another. The flames reignited on Sept. 23, 2017, when Marchand responded to a Krug tweet about him.


In early January, Marchand and Krug covered the bases in a Twitter thread in response to a photo shoot Krug did for an insurance company. Marchand appeared to admit defeat in this battle after Krug called him out for licking opponents during the 2018 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Then there was this:

All this led to Krug’s “angry elf pills” tweet Wednesday, and judging by fans’ reactions to the duo’s tweets, the humor won’t stop anytime soon. All kidding aside, Krug and Marchand appear to have a strong bond off the ice in addition to being two of the team’s stars. They even invite one another over for sleepovers sometimes.

Lost in the Marchand-Krug Twitter rivalry is that since defenseman Matt Grzelcyk joined the Bruins in 2017, the Bruins boast a three-way tie for shortest player. Grzelcyk appears less active on Twitter than either Marchand or Krug, though, so the rivalry may stay between the veterans for now.