The magical medium of Twitter allows fans to connect with sportswriters like never before, and Globe NHL/Bruins reporter Kevin Paul Dupont has been busy answering questions and sharing his opinions in the runup to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Here’s a selection of some of the banter, reprinted exactly as posted on Twitter:

On the candidates for the Conn Smythe Trophy, awarded to the MVP of the NHL playoffs:

If Bruins win Cup, Chara also must considered in Conn Smythe discussion. Three games with jaw frax.

Ummm, how about some detail there, KPD?

Age 42, set to play third game with surgically-repaired frax jaw, Chara with best plus-minus rating (+12) of all post-season players.


Do you think they are playing in Game 7 if Chara didn’t play in Game 6?

Photos: Blues best Bruins in Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final

But what about Tuukka Rask?

Right now, if Bruins win, I have Tuukka as my No. 1 vote. Been every bit as good as he was in ‘13. Everyone gets three Smythe votes. I think Chara deserves to be in the discussion. Others disagree. Oh well.

Could Tuukka Rask win the Conn Smythe even if the Bruins lose?

Possible...but hard to predict.

Gut feeling on Game 7?

I give the Bruins the edge on: 1. goaltending; 2. home ice; 3. power play; 4 PK; 5. experience; 6. coaching. If this were the NBA, Bruins by 15-18 points. But it’s the NHL, so it’s a coin flip.

What about things like the officiating?

Yes, officiating a factor in NHL above and beyond other sports.

But also...injuries, nutty bounces, bad ice, crazy rule and vid interpretations....all of it makes impossible to predict, or to feel a better team has an advantage... or will win.

On the Game 7 atmosphere:


Among the cool parts of a Game 7 SCF is the Cup itself, being in the arena, everyone anticipating it will be lifted and paraded — the aura and reverence remain, in a time when such things rarely register anymore.

Take us down memory lane.

When the Bruins last won the Cup on Garden ice, I was a 17-year-old HS kid, and used my brand new Ampex tape recorder, and Sears “Best” cassettes, to audiotape entire game.

Fred Cusick on Orr’s Cup GWG: “And what could be better than that?!”

Do you still have the tape?

Yessir. Prized possession.

On the potential return to action by defenseman Matt Grzelcyk, sidelined by a concussion in Game 2 on May 29:

Matt Grzelcyk played 14:12 in Game 1 on May 27

He played 4:29 in Game 2 on May 29.

Possibly back for Game 7 SCF, 14 days after concussion/brain injury.

If Grzelcyk returns, why would Connor Clifton sit instead of John Moore?

Moore faster. Does solid job on PK (B’s have killed 17 of 18). Faster legs, chance he can use speed if STL ratchets up heavy forecheck.

Can we blame Tuukka Rask if the Bruins lose?

Thomas ‘11: 16-9, 1.98, .940

Rask ‘13: 14-8, 1.88, .940

Rask ‘19: 15-8, 1.93, .938

Concerns about Game 7?

Bruins struggled at faceoff dot in Games 4, 5, 6, winning only 43.2 pct of 192 drops.

STL’s RO’R [Ryan O’Reilly] immense at dot in Games 4, 5, 6, winning 61.4 pct of 70 drops.


Lead time for post-season:

BOS - 641:52

STL - 576:12

Trailing time:

BOS -- 235:48

STL -- 473:29