Isaiah Thomas explains his emoji tweet

Isaiah Thomas is averaging 29.9 points a game.
Isaiah Thomas is averaging 29.9 points a game.(AP)

WALTHAM — Amid constant rumors, guesses, and reports surrounding the NBA trade deadline, basketball fans are now left to decipher the meaning of emojis.

On Monday night, Celtics point guard Isaiah Thomas posted a cryptic tweet that showed the popular eyes emoji. For the emoji illiterate — and it’s probably a simpler life being that way — this image is generally used to suggest that something has caught your attention or caught you by surprise.

And considering this is trade deadline week, internet detectives everywhere concluded that this must mean something about a big deal being in the works. On Thursday afternoon, following the first Celtics’ practice since the All-Star break, Thomas smiled and threw some water on the conspiracy theories.


“I was watching a TV show, man,” Thomas said. “I don’t know what the emojis are about.”

Come on, Isaiah. Didn’t you know that Celtics fans everywhere are on edge and that they’d all read into this and just need to know more? Didn’t you know it’d blow up?

“I didn’t,” he said, smiling again. “I did it and I realized like, ‘What just happened?’ I didn’t mean to shake the internet like that. I didn’t mean to do that to you all.”

Thomas said he has just been waiting around for news just like everyone else, and that he had no inside information.

On Wednesday, he tweeted an emoji of an hourglass. What did that one mean?

“Time is ticking, man,” Thomas said.

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