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Celtics awarded first overall pick in 2017 NBA Draft

Danny Ainge said getting the top pick is “very fun, it’s very exciting.”Charles Krupa/AP/Associated Press

The Celtics were awarded the first overall pick in the 2017 NBA Draft at Tuesday’s lottery in New York.

Boston, which received the pick from the Brooklyn Nets, had a 25 percent chance to win the top spot. The pick could not have fallen past No. 4.

The Los Angeles Lakers got the second overall pick, and the third pick went to the Philadelphia 76ers.

The Celtics’ four-number winning combination was 7-1-9-10.

Celtics co-owner Wyc Grousbeck was the team’s representative on stage at the lottery, and co-owner Steve Pagliuca witnessed the drawing.

“We got a lot offers in February [before the trade deadline], and I’m glad we didn’t trade the pick,” Grousbeck said Tuesday. “You can write that!”


Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said it was a fun night.

“We just watched it for 10 or 15 minutes and felt the butterflies coming and the nerves about 15 minutes before they started,” he said. “Wyc pulled it home for us.”

Among the top prospects in the draft are Washington guard Markelle Fultz, UCLA guard Lonzo Ball, Kansas forward Josh Jackson, and Duke forward Jayson Tatum. Among draft experts, Fultz is largely considered to be a lock to go first overall, but Ainge said the Celtics have not narrowed down who they are considering selecting.

“I think it’s too early,” he said. “We’ll have a chance to evaluate. We still have more than a month before the draft and we’ll take every day to try to figure out what the best option is.”

Along with the first pick, the Celtics also have three second-round picks to spend. Whether they work out a trade — which they have not done in the last few draft cycles despite sitting on a pile of picks — remains to be seen. Ainge said he is anticipating interest from other teams to make a deal.


“I’m sure we’ll hear in the next little while a lot of discussion,” he said. “I think the most exciting thing is getting the No. 1 pick. It’s very fun, it’s very exciting. We’ve never had that before, so that’ll be a lot of fun to explore those options.

“But right now, I think it’s just good to have clarity as to where everybody is in the draft. When you’re at the trade deadline and you’re talking about trading picks, it’s one through four or possibly five, Brooklyn starts winning games and so forth, there’s so much uncertainty, when you’re making these trades — I think for both teams. And now I think there’s certainty and clarity.”

The draft is Thursday, June 22.

Watch: Co-owner Wyc Grousbeck talks No. 1 pick at the lottery

Here is the full draft order:

First round

1. Boston (from Brooklyn)

2. Los Angeles Lakers

3. Philadelphia (from Sacramento)

4. Phoenix

5. Sacramento (from Philadelphia)

6. Orlando

7. Minnesota

8. New York

9. Dallas

10. Sacramento (from New Orleans)

11. Charlotte

12. Detroit

13. Denver

14. Miami

15. Portland

16. Chicago

17. Milwaukee

18. Indiana

19. Atlanta

20. Portland (via Memphis, via Denver and Cleveland)

21. Oklahoma City

22. Brooklyn (via Washington)

23. Toronto (via LA Clippers, via Milwaukee)

24. Utah

25. Orlando (via Toronto)

26. Portland (via Cleveland)

27. Brooklyn (via Boston)

28. L.A. Lakers (via Houston)

29. San Antonio

30. Utah (via Golden State)


Second round

31. Atlanta (via Brooklyn)

32. Phoenix

33. Orlando (via L.A. Lakers)

34. Sacramento (via Philadelphia, via New Orleans)

35. Orlando

36. Philadelphia (via New York, via Utah and Toronto)

37. Boston (via Minnesota, via Phoenix)

38. Chicago (via Sacramento)

39. Philadelphia (via Dallas)

40. New Orleans

41. Charlotte

42. Utah (via Detroit)

43. Houston (via Denver)

44. New York (via Chicago)

45. Houston (via Portland)

46. Philadelphia (via Miami, via Atlanta)

47. Indiana

48. Milwaukee

49. Denver (via Memphis, via Oklahoma City)

50. Philadelphia (via Atlanta)

51. Denver (via Oklahoma City)

52. Washington

53. Boston (via Cleveland)

54. Phoenix (via Toronto)

55. Utah

56. Boston (via LA Clippers)

57. Brooklyn (via Boston)

58. New York (via Houston)

59. San Antonio

60. Atlanta (via Golden State)

Julian Benbow and Gary Washburn of the Globe staff contributed to this report. Follow Rachel G. Bowers on Twitter @RachelGBowers.