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Danny Ainge ‘understands’ why Isaiah Thomas might not speak to him again

Danny Ainge (left) and Isaiah Thomas after a game in 2016.Elise Amendola/AP/Associated Press

Danny Ainge isn’t simply the architect behind the Celtics’ roster, he’s also a former player who experienced a number of difficult challenges in his career that allow him to relate to current players. Among those was the pain of being traded away from the Celtics, which happened to Ainge in 1989.

Because of that, Ainge is able to view the recent comments of former Celtic Isaiah Thomas – who recently told Sports Illustrated that he might never talk to Ainge again after being traded to the Cavaliers in the offseason –with a measured tone.

“I was a player that was traded twice,” Ainge told ESPN’s Chris Forsberg, “so I understand his sentiments. But you guys know how much I love Isaiah. He’s a great kid, and I wish him the best.”


Ainge also said he realizes Thomas still has “strong feelings and strong emotions” in thinking about the team’s blockbuster deal to acquire Kyrie Irving.

“I understand those,” Ainge said.

Here’s Ainge’s full response, which he made on Wednesday afternoon: