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Jayson Tatum and the two exclusive Nike Air Max collections that are 90s throwbacks

Jayson Tatum is entering his second year with the Celtics.Jim Davis/Globe Staff

Celtics forward Jayson Tatum has always dreamed about having his own signature shoe someday. He has looked to his teammate and fellow Duke alumnus, Kyrie Irving, as a good example to follow.

“Just how he influences people,” Tatum said. “I think that goes a long way with selling shoes, how you connect with your audience, people you’re trying to get to wear your sneakers.”

Tatum, who is entering his second year with the Celtics, does not yet have his own shoe, but he is leading a new campaign with Nike and Foot Locker to celebrate the release of two exclusive Nike Air Max collections that are throwbacks to the 1990s. The “Origins” collection is being released on Aug. 23 and “Frequency” will come out on Sept. 15.


“The 90s has a lot to do with fashion today and inspired even people like myself who didn’t live in the 90s,” said Tatum, who was born in 1998. “My time is kind of inspired by people before me.”

Tatum said that he has always had a fondness for the sneaker culture from the era that preceded him.

“Yeah due to YouTube and videos and stuff like that I was able to watch a lot of guys like [Allen Iverson] and [Michael] Jordan and just to see the shoes they wore, and even the off-the-court swag, the jump-suits, the track suits they used to wear coming to the games.”

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