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Celtics draft pick Grant Williams’s mother has worked for NASA for 25 years, and he’s picked up a lot of knowledge about the universe along the way.

“With my mom, I don’t really think of theories,” Williams told Stadium’s Shams Charania. “I kind of know for sure what’s what. It’s kind of nice to have that mindset.”

One fact Williams, whom the Celtics selected 22nd overall in Thursday’s NBA Draft, knows for sure is that the earth is round. He told Charania that Kyrie Irving’s theory is wrong.

Kyrie’s ‘Earth is flat theory’ is just scientifically not true,” Williams said. “That’s the one thing I can debunk, if we’re being pretty honest. That’s just not true at all.”


Williams, who played college basketball at Tennessee, called his mother incredible, noting that her perseverance has helped mold him into the person he is today. He said his mother – along with his father, who’s an educator – guided him as he developed a high IQ that has served him well on the court.

He helped his mom problem-solve when she came home from work, and he believes that critical thinking ability separates him from other players.

“She has a lot of stories that I probably can’t tell, but they’re really exciting,” Williams told Charania.

In October, Irving apologized for saying the Earth is flat because of the uproar it caused.