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Russian team, flag, anthem banned from international sports for next four years amid doping scandal

Russian athletes will be allowed to compete in major events only if they are not implicated in positive doping tests or their data was not manipulated, according to the WADA ruling.

NFL big sum: Kansas City 23, New England 16

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A brief look at the Bruins’ next foe

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A brief look at the Celtics’ next foe

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Connecticut women rout Notre Dame

Megan Walker scored 26 points and pulled down 13 rebounds Sunday to lead No. 4 UConn to an 81-57 blowout over rival Notre Dame.

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Patriots comeback falls short as Chiefs take 23-16 win

New England’s 21-game home win streak comes to an end.

Photos: Patriots vs. Chiefs

The Patriots and Chiefs met Sunday in a game that could have major playoff ramifications.