One day after capturing the junior ladies title at the US Figure Skating Championships in Detroit, Boston Latin senior Gabriella Izzo was still soaking in the moment.

“It’s been a long time coming, something I’ve dreamed of,” the 17-year-old Brighton resident said Thursday in a phone interview from Detroit. “It hasn’t been easy. It is a dream come true.”

Izzo, who placed sixth at last year’s junior nationals in San Jose, submitted a nearly flawless performance to “La Vie En Rose” in the free skate Wednesday night to finish with 172.42 points.

Izzo edged Audrey Shin (165.61), while Emilia Murdock (154.48), who trains with Izzo in the Mitchell Johansson Method program at Cronin Rink in Revere, was third.


Izzo, who won the Eastern Sectional championships, had scored a season-best 60.97 in Tuesday’s short program, which she opened with a triple Lutz/triple loop combo for the first time this season.

Izzo had a slight error in a rotation on the second jumping pass early in her free skate Wednesday night, but had no other mishaps while executing three more triple jumps, two double axels, Level 4 spins, and Level 4 footwork to impress the judges.

“It just slipped away from me,” Izzo told reporters about her only flaw in her initial combination. “After that, I was like, ‘That’s it, I’m just going to get the rest of this program done,’ and I started checking off boxes.

“The only thing going through my head was, ‘Just keep going.’ ”

Izzo elaborated on the moments leading up to her performance.

“The moment before the music starts, I tell myself, ‘You can do this,’ ” she said. “When the music starts, your mind goes blank, but it’s racing at the same time. It’s kind of paradoxical in that sense.”

Izzo is set to transition back to classes at Boston Latin next week. She will continue to train, complete her senior year at Latin, and prepare for her freshman year at Harvard.


Globe correspondent Nate Weitzer contributed to this report.