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Tiger Woods speaks out in aftermath of George Floyd’s death

PGA Tour star lends his voice to chorus who have decried social injustice.

Gregg Popovich calls President Trump a ‘deranged idiot,’ criticizes his lack of leadership

The Spurs coach may have used his most unsparing language yet to criticize Trump.

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MLS return stuck at negotiating table

The major sticking points are players accepting a lower share of TV revenue and the language in a force majeure clause.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather to pay for George Floyd’s funeral

Floyd Mayweather will handle costs for the funeral on June 9 in Floyd’s hometown of Houston, as well as other expenses.

Instant replay: The best sports on TV Tuesday night

No live sports on TV? We've got you covered.


Sports Flashback: Which Celtics rival did you love to hate?

Who was the most detestable? Dr. J and the Sixers, Magic Johnson and the Lakers or the Pistons and McFilthy and McNasty?

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Dartmouth names Reid Cashman men’s hockey coach

Washington Capitals assistant and 2007 Quinnipiac graduate named Dartmouth's 22d hockey coach.

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There’s no chance activist athletes will ‘stick to sports’ right now

Our sporting heroes are leading the way for social justice, taking the platform their fame provides and using it to amplify issues that matter.