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Golf Digest is simulating the Masters, and the winner will be revealed Friday

A fantasy sports analyst simulated the performance of each player on each hole 1,000 times to produce likely results. 2 hours ago

Official: Saints e-mails on clergy crisis should stay secret

The Saints' tried to conduct damage control for the area’s Roman Catholic archdiocese amid its clergy sexual abuse crisis.

NFL will have 58 prospects participating remotely in draft

The draft will double as a telethon to raise money to fight the coronavirus crisis.


UFC 249 is canceled

UFC president Dana White said he “got a call from the highest level you can go at Disney and the highest level of ESPN” asking him to cancel the shows.

Vast majority of Americans would not attend games without coronavirus vaccine, poll says

Nearly three out of four polled by Seton Hall said they would not feel comfortable.

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Colby Cave still in medical coma

Edmonton Oilers forward "giving his brain time to heal'' from surgery, team said.

With Olympic dream deferred, Lynn’s Rashida Ellis will wait to fight another day

The postponement of the Tokyo Games was a blow to the lightweight, but her drive for 2021 is undeterred.

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Even during a pandemic, Tom Brady is ratings gold, and other thoughts

The splash Brady made with his radio appearance Wednesday shows that you can't overstate his popularity here.