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How Aly Raisman pulled off that tumbling pass in her floor routine

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Aly Raisman scored a 15.366 on floor during the team final Tuesday.
Aly Raisman scored a 15.366 on floor during the team final Tuesday.Ian Walton

Aly Raisman offered a simple explanation Wednesday morning of how she was able to pull off the incredible — and now viral — tumbling pass she opened her floor routine with during Tuesday's team final at the Rio Olympics.

"Years and years of conditioning & millions of repetition," she tweeted. "Didn't happen over night. Started training this pass at 14."

Raisman, the reigning gold medalist on floor, earned a 15.366 to help the US win its second straight team gold. Her score was second only to teammate Simone Biles, who posted a 15.8.

Raisman begins the pass with a roundoff and a one-and-a-half stepout, then performs another roundoff and a back handspring before launching into a dazzling arabian double front — a half twist with two somersaults in the air.


As if that's not enough, she punctuates the pass with a layout, a flip where her body is in a completely straight position.

Here's a look at the floor exercise she performed in a competition earlier this summer, opening with the pass that has everyone talking:

The US women's gymnasts prove themselves golden once again.

At 22, Aly Raisman is the 'Grandma' of the US gymnastics team.

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