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As usual, Tom Brady stays focused on football

Tom Brady (front) worked Sunday under the watchful eyes of Jimmy Garoppolo.Pat Greenhouse/Globe Staff

FOXBOROUGH — While millions of people around the world have tuned in to the Olympics over the past 10 days, Tom Brady has only had the patience to watch the Opening Ceremonies. Once his wife, Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen, walked the catwalk in the Rio Olympics Brady’s attention immediately turned back to football.

“It was amazing to see her out there and do that,” Brady said Sunday. “It was the best part of the Olympics for me, and it got over on opening night, so there hasn’t been much reason for me to watch, outside of seeing her represent her country.”


Brady’s been a little too busy with his own athletic performance to focus too much on Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky. Patriots training camp is now 2½ weeks old, and Brady is working feverishly to prepare for the 2016 season, particularly since he won’t be able to play or practice for four weeks once the regular season begins because of his suspension.

Brady and his teammates put in another honest day of work on Sunday, grinding through a 2-hour, 15-minute practice in 96-degree weather. The dog days of camp are here, and Brady and the Patriots are trying to push through them.

“There’s no easy way about training camp,” a surprisingly chatty Brady said on Sunday, the second time he has spoken to the media this preseason. “You try to bring as much energy as you can every day. That’s the only way you’re going to get the best out of yourself and you try to get the best out of your teammates. Because you really, at this point with the limited amount of practices, you can’t afford to lose any ground. A lot of teams are practicing hard. You see guys giving it all out there — especially today, maybe a couple days off and been off our feet, then you get back into it and your body’s not quite ready. So you just got to fight through it as best you can.”


Brady said he didn’t mind practicing in the heat on Sunday. He better get used to it, because the weather is supposed to be hot and humid for most of the week as the Patriots host the Bears for joint practices.

“It’s good because we don’t play in a dome obviously,” Brady said. “It’s just good to get out here and experience all these different elements. We’ve got to get used to playing in whatever it is, so that’s usually what coach says.”

Sunday’s practice was Brady’s first on-field action since Wednesday. Brady missed Thursday’s preseason opener against the Saints to attend a family member’s memorial service, then the Patriots were off Friday and Saturday.

Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo took every 11-on-11 snap in Sunday’s practice, with rookie Jacoby Brissett relegated to bystander.

Garoppolo had another shaky day of practice — he threw a bad interception in 7-on-7 drills and wasn’t overly crisp in full team drills, continuing a streak of inconsistent play over the last week-plus of camp. Garoppolo started slow in the preseason opener against the Saints, but improved as the game went along and ended up completing 11-of-18 passes for 168 yards, no touchdowns, and no turnovers.

The Patriots will need Garoppolo to be a little more consistent when he takes over for Brady during the first four regular-season games. But Brady was highly complimentary of his backup, saying Garoppolo, now in his third training camp, has earned his teammates’ respect.


“He works his tail off to prepare, and I know he has the respect of everybody,” Brady said. “I think that’s what you always do — you try to come out here and earn the respect of your teammates and your coaches, and you’ve got to put the work in. You’ve got to show that you’re willing to show up every day and do whatever it takes to get the job done.”

If Brady harbors any resentment or fears over Garoppolo taking his job for four games, he certainly didn’t show it on Sunday.

“It’s just fun to see his development,” Brady said. “We got off to a good start the other night and hopefully we keep it going. We got three days of practices coming up against the Bears, it’s a good preparation for our team, we’ve got to use them really well, and hopefully we can come out on Thursday night after these practices and the game a stronger team than we are now.”

Brady said he has enjoyed working with Garoppolo this camp, particularly in their post-practice throwing competitions, in which the quarterbacks practice different types of throws while trying to throw the football into a garbage bin.

“He does a good job against me all the time, so he’s a good competitor,” Brady said. “It’s hard to have a receiver and go, ‘Hey, after a 2½-hour practice in 90 degree weather, go run a bunch of 30-40 yard routes. [So] you just put the bucket out there. That little sucker is tough to hit, man. It doesn’t move, it’s got no arms, it can’t adjust to anything. So that’s why I’m glad we always have guys that have great hands and ability to track the ball and it’s just good practice.”


Video: Sunday’s training camp report

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