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Here’s how Tom Brady spent his Sunday

Tom Brady, who watched Sunday night’s Patriots game from his couch, was at the game in spirit. Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Tom Brady said he watched a lot of football on Sunday while serving the first game of his four-game suspension. Brady spoke to Jim Gray On Westwood One Radio before Monday night’s Steelers-Redskins game.

“Watched a lot of football,’’ Brady said. “It was fun to sit on the couch and see a lot of those games from a different perspect. It was great to see the Patriots finish off the night with a huge win in Arizona.’’

Brady was asked if he channel-surfed for games. “I watched that one channel, that Red Zone channel, that captures everything,’’ he said. “Pretty amazing. There’s a lot to learn every week in the NFL. It was fun to watch football on Sunday. Obviously I’d much rather be out there playing.’’


Brady was impressed with the Patriots’ 23-21 victory at Arizona.

“It was a great game to watch,’’ he said. “The team looked like they were focused, prepared. Lot of great plays by Jimmy [Garoppolo], by the skill players. To get up, 10-0, like that was huge. We always talk about starting fast and we certainly got off to a fast start last night.

And naturally, Brady was asked about Garoppolo.

“He was great,’’ Brady said. “It was great night for him and our whole offense. It’s tough to go on the road, and especially to be without some of your best players . . . it was a hard-fought win.’’