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Josh McDaniels says Tom Brady is ready to go

Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels is happy to be working with Tom Brady again.Jim Davis/Globe staff/File 2015

The Patriots may claim they haven’t seen Tom Brady since the Patriots quarterback’s suspension ended Monday, but Josh McDaniels has. The offensive coordinator, speaking on a conference call Tuesday morning, said Brady looks the same as ever.

“I didn’t notice any difference,” McDaniels said. “It was four weeks. I felt like it went fast and Tommy is ready to go and looks ready to go. We’ll see how everything goes at practice [Wednesday] and kind of just build one day at a time as we go through the week.”

Though Chris Hogan, Nate Solder, and Matthew Slater all claimed in the locker room midday Monday that they hadn’t seen Brady yet, the quarterback confirmed during his weekly Westwood One radio appearance Monday night that he’d been back at Gillette.


“It was great to be back in the building, it was certainly great to be back to work. It’s been a long four weeks for me, but I’m excited to get started on my preparation for Cleveland and I’m anxious to get back on the practice field,” Brady said.

Brady wasn’t allowed any contact with the Patriots during his four-game Deflategate suspension, and now has to get up to speed before the team visits the Browns on Sunday. McDaniels said that the team won’t change its routine despite the abnormal situation.

“It’s going to be as normal as it could be,” McDaniels said. “I think the biggest thing is to just go through our preparation as we normally do to prepare for the opponent and prepare for what our game plan is and how we want to execute it, and go out there and use our opportunities on the practice field to execute and to get back into playing football and being with his teammates and running our offense and doing the things we ask the quarterback to do here.


“I don’t see it being much different than a normal game week and we’ll try to do all the right things in terms of preparing and getting ready to play a team that we don’t know very well and that we’re going to study hard to get familiar with and go there and play a game on the road in a tough place to play.”

After 16 years on the team, catching up on the playbook shouldn’t be a problem for Brady. The focus, more likely, will be on getting his timing right, especially with new receivers such as Hogan and Martellus Bennett, while adjusting to real game speed.

It really won’t be until Sunday then that the Patriots will see where Brady is after missing a month of football.

“I think experience helps any player, if they’re injured or what have you and they come back or if they miss some time for whatever reason,” McDaniels said. “But I also think there’s an acclimation period in the game of football that’s hard to simulate unless you’re playing football. So, we’re going to do the best we can to prepare and do those things and take every opportunity in practice and take advantage of all the reps that we have in the periods that we can be out there working together to just make sure Tom is as comfortable as he needs to be on Sunday to do his job.”

McDaniels was asked if he believed backup Jimmy Garoppolo had done all he could to get ready to play last Sunday.


Garoppolo, who has a sprained AC joint in his right shoulder, was ultimately inactive in the 16-0 loss to the Bills, but McDaniels said Brady’s backup “absolutely” would have wanted to play if he could have.

“Like I said before, we’ve got really tough players that worked as hard as they can to be out on the field and be ready to go and help our team win,” McDaniels said. “That’s everybody. I would never question anybody’s desire to be out there, play, toughness.”

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