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Tom Brady speaks out against domestic violence

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.AP

Fans are used to Tom Brady not revealing much to the media. But, with a little prodding, the Patriots quarterback spoke out against domestic violence when asked about New York Giants kicker Josh Brown in an interview on WEEI.

Last week, police released journal entries and e-mails in which Brown admitted that he repeatedly verbally and physically abused his former wife.

Brady was asked how he felt about Brown initially getting suspended for just one game for domestic violence, while Brady was suspended for four games in connection with Deflategate. Brown has since been placed on the commissioner’s exempt list while the NFL reviews new evidence in his domestic violence case.


“I think it’s the league’s issue,” Brady said. “I’m trying to stay out of all that. I’ll let them handle it. I think that’s their responsibility. I certainly don’t condone any part of domestic violence, and I think it’s a terrible, terrible thing, but I think the league’s gotta handle those types of things.”

When asked if he was satisfied with how the league has handled domestic violence, Brady at first appeared to be reluctant to answer.

“I’m just going to stay in my lane. Like I said, it’s up to them to decide whatever they want to do. I’m just gonna stay out of any kind of my opinion. I certainly have opinions, I just don’t really care to share them.”

But when pressed further, Brady opened up.

“I grew up with three sisters, and I was very fortunate to learn from a loving father and a loving mother how to treat and respect women,” Brady said. “I have a daughter of my own and domestic violence is a horrible issue. It’s a tragedy when it happens. Any type of abuse or bullying of people who can’t defend themselves or fight for themselves, I have no respect for that.


“Like I said, the NFL, they claim to take tough stances and this is their situation. This is their situation to deal with. I’ll let them deal with it. Like I said, I was very fortunate to grow up with sisters and a mother — I condone no part of that. That is absolutely something I would never be a part of or do. It’s a terrible tragedy.”

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