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Chris Long had a custom Julian Edelman mask made

Nora Princiotti for The Boston Globe

FOXBOROUGH — Julian Edelman sat at his locker in Gillette Stadium Tuesday morning, wearing his classic yellow Kent State T-shirt, red beanie, and Beats headphones.

But did he look . . . bigger? And when did he get all those tattoos?

On closer examination, it was defensive end Chris Long, who nailed his Edelman halloween costume, wearing a lifelike mask.

Long had been planning the prank for two weeks. He downloaded a picture of Edelman’s face and used it to place a custom order for the mask. He’d teased Edelman that he “had something” for him but had kept the plan a secret.


Long was an excellent Edelman and took questions from reporters, who wondered about his sudden heft and muscle.

“I lifted a lot. I spent my offseason in muscle beach,” he said, mocking the wide receiver’s California slang.

Long didn’t break character even when the real Edelman showed up, asking what was going on around his locker.

“Who are you, bro?” Long said. “Hey, bro, who are you?”

Long had the opportunity to toot his own horn when asked to name the best defensive player on the team, but didn’t bite.

“Best defensive player on the team? If I’m not playing defense I guess it would be [Dont’a] Hightower,” he said.

He was much more effusive about a favorite Edelman pastime.

“You know, skateboarding is like one of the few special places, it’s, I really get away when I’m out there on my longboard and I’m just skating through the streets of Boston with by best friend, Danny,” Long said. “I can really escape being a celebrity for a few minutes.”

But how could he slight bestie Tom Brady, particularly on a day when each member of the Patriots found a fresh pair of Uggs waiting in his locker?


“I have a couple best friends. Alright? No more questions,” Long said.

Edelman chuckled.

“Bye week and suddenly it’s all fun and games,” Edelman said. “What happened to the Patriot Way?”

“Can I have my headphones back?” he added.

Nora Princiotti can be reached at nora.princiotti@globe.com. Follow her on Twitter@NoraPrinciotti.