Tom Brady’s done talking politics, per Gisele Bundchen’s order

Tom Brady appears at a news conference in October.
Tom Brady appears at a news conference in October.Barry Chin/Globe Staff

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he’s done talking about politics, per order of his wife, model Gisele Bundchen.

Brady was injected into the discussion surrounding the presidential race when president-elect Donald Trump mentioned he had Brady’s support on Monday.

“I talked to my wife, she says I can’t talk about politics any more. I think that’s a good decision,” Brady said at a news conference Wednesday.

On Monday, Trump revealed in a speech in New Hampshire that Brady had called him and told him he voted for him.

“Tom Brady, great guy, great friend of mine, great, great champion, unbelievable winner. He called today and he said, ‘Donald, I support you, you’re my friend, and I voted for you,’” Trump said Monday in Manchester, N.H.


Brady was asked why he gave Trump permission to discuss his political preferences, and responded by saying “you’re assuming I gave permission” and then indicated he only wanted to dicusss football.

Brady, who said he did not stay up to find out the result of the presidential election Tuesday, was pressed on the topic of Trump and did respond, however. Here are some of the questions and answers:

Can we get your reaction to the results just in general as a New Englander?

“I just think I’m always, I think a very positive person, so I think these are certain times for our country where there’s always change and transition and it happens, obviously with the presidents every four years or so. I think I’m always happy when people experience success. I was happy when President [Bill] Clinton won, I was happy when Barack Obama won twice, when President [George W.] Bush – I think it’s all competition. I was happy when the Cubs won even though I was not a Cubs fan. I was happy when the Cavaliers won. I think just as an athlete, you realize that a lot of people put a lot of things into competition. When people go at it, you have respect for whatever outcomes there are. I think that’s one thing that’s been a hallmark of our team. We’ve never finished games and then blamed other people. You always give respect to your opponent and then try to do better the next time.”


Can you describe the support Donald Trump has had for this team as he’s been around quite a bit?

“Yeah, he’s been in our locker room for a long time, absolutely. He’s been to a lot of games over the years and been in our locker room a lot, certainly at some of our bigger games, even going up against the Jets and stuff like that. That was long before he was ever a politician, too. Like I said, you develop relationships with a lot of different people, and I’ve certainly come in contact with a lot of different people over the years. Some become your friends and you keep in touch with [them], and some you don’t.”

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