Even when he’s resting, Tom Brady is trying to gain an edge

Tom Brady met with reporters before Thursday’s practice.
Tom Brady met with reporters before Thursday’s practice.(AP)

FOXBOROUGH -- When you’re Tom Brady, it’s OK to show up to work in your pajamas.

On Thursday, at least, that’s what Brady did. The Patriots quarterback rolled in for his weekly news conference with a shirt from his new Athlete Recovery Sleepwear line, a collaboration with Under Armour, under his standard-issue Patriots cutoff hoodie.

“You like my look?” Brady asked the reporters gathered.

Brady was asked about his jammies, er, ‘sleepwear’, and said he’s been wearing them for quite some time.

“Yeah, every day for 18 months,” Brady said.

The full name of the pajama line is (brace yourself): The Under Armour Athlete Recovery Sleepwear Powered By TB12 (TB12 is Brady’s health and lifestyle brand.) The first advertisement for the products was released Thursday. The promotional material for the line even includes a “bedtime story book” titled “The Tortoise & The Hare & Tom Brady.”


The fabric, according to Under Armour, produces something called far infrared energy, which reacts with the body’s natural heat to “[help] your body recover faster, promote better sleep, reduce inflammation and regulate cell metabolism.”

A long-sleeved nightshirt will run you $100.

Brady has been known to gift his teammates pairs of boots and slippers made by Ugg, another brand he endorses, on a yearly basis. Boxes of pajamas in every locker have yet to be sighted, but Brady said his teammates should consider giving them a try.

“Yeah, it would be very wise for everybody, for you too. Recovery, that’s what it’s all about,” he said.

Video: Brady’s sleepwear advertisement

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